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Our Brands


Our Brands
Johnson Baby

For over 100 years, JONHSON'S® has been dedicated to providing mothers with safe and clinically proven mild baby care products.

Adult Skincare

JOHNSON'S® products developed with gentle, natural ingredients, nurture your skin, leaving it noticeably soft, fresh and naturally beautiful.


NEUTROGENA®, developed by dermatologists, is for healthy and beautiful looking skin, everyday.


The STAYFREE® Comfort Protect PromiseTM means that during your most uncomfortable time of the month, you not only get the Protection you expect, but also the Comfort you deserve.


For a whole mouth clean, choose LISTERINE®


SAVLON® helps care for and protect you and your loved ones' skin from germs, giving you and your family that freedom to live more and do more.


When a cold or flu comes with a cough, BENYLIN® Wet Cough starts to work quickly to clear your chest


Whether it is a blocked nose, sinus pressure or a heavy Head? Choose SINUTAB® for fast effective relief to clear your head.


DOKTOR MOM® is a herbal cough solution to relieve both wet & dry coughs. Cough relief that works. Naturally


REHIDRAT® South Africa’s No.1 Oral Electrolyte Replacer helps to replenish lost fluids getting your body back to health after dehydration.


NICORETTE® Gum is a unique nicotine replacement treatment format, providing active control of cravings.

MICROLAX® is a fast-acting alternative to natural laxatives that’s gentle, predictable and effective.

Band-Aid® heals the hurt fasterTM by covering and protecting minor cuts and scrapes, to keep your wounds clean and protected.