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Sports and Hydration


Sports and Active Lifestyle:

Whether you are a serious athlete or an active family who exercise for health, hydration maintains regular body temperature and assists with movement of nutrients throughout the body1.

  • Dehydration is common in sports and can occur in just an hour of exercise2.
  • REHIDRAT® Sport replenishes your body's lost fluids and delivers and optimal balance of minerals, electrolytes and carbohydrates for quick recovery and endurance.

Amateur or Serious Athlete?

Whether your're competing with the best, pushing for your own personal best or maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle you need a quality rehydration drink to keep you perfoming at your best. REHIDRAT® Sport, is widely used by professional and recreational athletes as it has been scientifically formulated to quickly deliver an optimum balance of vital minerals and fluids to optimize performance.

​Pre-hydrating Before Exercise

Ensure fluid and electrolyte insufficiency is corrected. REHIDRAT® Sport is rich in electrolytes essential in the body’s ability to absorb water

​Hydrating During Exercise

It is important to hydrate during exercise. Fluids, such as REHIDRAT® Sport, should be sipped at regular intervals; approximately every 20 minutes or so3. This is particularly important when exercising in hot or humid conditions.

​Rehydrating After Exercise

REHIDRAT® Sport has an optimal combination of electrolytes to replace what was lost during sweating and is an ideal oral electrolyte solution to keep you hydrated before, during and after sport.