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Why Benylin

Benylin® is a brand recommended by doctorsand has a wide range of cough products and are formulated to treat a range of coughs for the whole family, from 2 years old.

Now Benylin® contains a range of new cough products:

  • Benylin ® Four Cough syrup contains concentrated Ivy Leaf and offers 4 way cough relief.
  • Benylin® Wet & Dry Cough Syrup is indicated for treatment of both a wet and dry cough.
  • Benylin®  Cough Lozenges offer a great solution for sore throat and on-the-go cough relief

The Benylin® Wet cough range contains Guaifenesin that helps loosen chest mucus. Benylin® Wet Cough starts to work quickly to help alleviate a cough so that you can get back out there.

Alongside our cough products for both adults and children, we have also developed a range of effective products to help relieve the symptoms of colds and flu.

 Ask your pharmacist for the Benylin® Solution best suitable for you and your family.

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