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REHIDRAT®, SA’s  No. 1 oral electrolyte replacement solution1, contains an optimal balance of sugars, salts and minerals to replenish lost fluids and help prevent and treat dehydration and electrolyte depletion.

REHIDRAT® contains no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colourants and is suitable for the whole family. 

REHIDRAT® for families and babies and REHIDRAT® Sport for active people, offer superior hydration and electrolyte replacement for any situation. Works best taken before, during and after sickness and exercise.

Hydration & Your Body

A hydrated body is a healthy body because, to function properly, a body depends on water.1

Symptoms Of Dehydration

Knowing the signs and symptoms of dehydration is essential in identifying them sooner rather than later. 

Health and Hydration

Whether you’re at the office, on the road, studying or doing exercise, even moderate dehydration can affect your mental and physical performance1

Sports & Hydration

Whether you are a serious athlete or an active family who exercise for health, hydration maintains regular body temperature and assists with movement of nutrients throughout the body1.



Our Product Range

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