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Causes Of Cough




Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)1 GERD occurs when stomach contents move up into the lower esophagus. The acidic contents irritate the nerves which can trigger a cough1
Viral illnesses2 A common cold is sometimes accompanied by a productive cough. Coughing occurs when the mucus accumulates and needs to be expectorated2
Postnasal drip2 When mucus drips down your throat it stimulates nerves that cause one to cough2
Asthma1 Coughing is a symptom of Asthma where bronchospasm induces turbulent airflow which initiates cough1
Stress1 A cough can be caused by mental factors which result in physical symptoms1
Medication1 Some blood-pressure medications can cause cough – while a variety of over-the-counter medication can help control cough1
Environmental irritants1 Irritants in the environment can trigger a cough. Both polluted air and  very dry clean air can trigger a cough1


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Causes of Cough

Some of the most common causes of cough include medication, asthma, viruses and smoking.



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