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What is a cough?


DOKTOR MOM® cough lozenges & Syrup

A cough is most commonly caused by an irritation in the respiratory air passages. We cough to help clear these passages.

A cough is your body’s way of keeping your lungs and throat clear1.

Coughing is one of our body's important defence mechanisms.

Coughs can be caused by a wide variety of factors:


Viruses are responsible for colds and flu which are the most common causes of chesty, tickly and even dry, irritating coughs.

Protect yourself from getting an illness that causes coughing2, 4 by:

  1. Washing your hands4
  2. Trying to avoid people who have a cold or flu4
  3. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables2


Smoking is usually associated with chesty coughs as cigarette smoke inflames the lungs.


Hayfever and other allergies can sometimes lead to a cough, because they evoke an inflammatory response in the respiratory system.


Medications, such as ACE-Inhibitors, can cause a cough after ingestion.

Different Types of Coughs:

There are two types of coughs which you may experience: wet cough and dry cough2 3

Dry cough:

You feel a constant tickle in your throat, but when you cough, there won’t be any mucus

Wet cough:

When you cough, you may cough up mucus. Coughing helps to remove the mucus3

DOKTOR MOM® helps the lungs secrete mucus more efficiently and offers anti-inflammatory support5. DOKTOR MOM® helps the body's natural defence against infections, to relieve coughs.

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