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Using MICROLAX® During Pregnancy

How should I use MICROLAX® to treat constipation in my child?

For children over 3 years old, you can use MICROLAX® in much the same way as you would for an adult18, 19. Twist the cap and squeeze a drop of the solution from the nozzle. Ask the child to lie on one side with their knees bent, insert the neck of the tube into the rectum and empty the full contents of the tube (5 ml). Because of the thin nozzle, insertion should be comfortable. Try to delay their next toilet visit for at least five minutes, allowing the stool to soften.

What is the best way to use MICROLAX® on my baby?

MICROLAX® is easy and gentle to use in babies and is best done with them being in the usual nappy changing position. This is a natural and relaxed position for your infant. Squeeze a drop of MICROLAX® out to coat the tip of the tube. This makes insertion easier and not uncomfortable. You can also apply additional lubricant to the area to assist with insertion. Now, insert half of the neck of the tube gently into their rectum. There is a mark on the neck of the tube showing exactly how deep it should go. Holding the tube on the lower part, empty the full contents of the tube (5 ml). When pulling the tube out, continue to squeeze the tube. Put your infant’s legs back down and stretch them gently so that the gel-like solution can distribute well. Have your child remain lying down, you can play with them as a distraction, as Microlax works best when you wait at least 5 minutes allowing the stool to soften.

What should I do if there has been no bowel movement 20 minutes after application?

One dose is usually sufficient, so you should wait up to 1 hour for MICROLAX® to fully take effect. If, after one hour, your child still hasn’t had a bowel movement, you can administer a second course of treatment. If constipation persists, please consult your doctor or paediatrician for advice.

At what age can I use MICROLAX® for my baby?

MICROLAX® can be used for babies of any age, even newborns. For very young children (under 6 months) presenting with constipation, it is advisable to speak to a Doctor to assess the cause of the constipation.

How often can I give my child MICROLAX®?

Although MICROLAX® is a gentle and fast-acting treatment, it should only be used to treat occasional constipation18, 19. In the instance that your baby or child has continued bouts of constipation, seek the advice from your doctor to determine the causes and the most effective remedy.