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MICROLAX® - The Product

How do I use MICROLAX®?18, 19

You can use MICROLAX® easily by either squatting or sitting in your usual position on the toilet. Twist the seal off the tube head and squeeze out a drop of solution before inserting the tube neck completely into the rectum. For children under 3 years of age, only half the length of the nozzle should be inserted into the rectum (as indicated on the nozzle). Because of the thin nozzle, insertion should be comfortable. Next, empty the full contents of the tube (5 ml) into the rectum and keep the tube compressed while you remove it. Now clench your buttocks to prevent the liquid from running out, and dispose of the used tube. Important: give the solution at least 5 minutes before trying to pass a stool in order to allow it to work fully. Typically, there is a gentle emptying of the rectum after approximately 5-15 minutes.

What should I do if there’s been no bowel movement after 20 minutes?

As digestion proceeds very individually, it can lead to a delayed onset of action in certain cases. Therefore, you should definitely wait up to 1 hour for the effects of MICROLAX® to kick in. If, after an hour, you’re still struggling to pass a stool, you can use a second tube of MICROLAX®18, 19. If a second microenema treatment still doesn’t relieve your constipation, consult your doctor about the best therapy to remedy your constipation.

Can I use two tubes of MICROLAX® if necessary?

Yes, although one dose is usually sufficient. You should wait at least one hour after the first application before proceeding with a second treatment. Should the second application still not ease your constipation, consult your doctor to find an alternative remedy18, 19.

Can I use MICROLAX® daily?

MICROLAX® is not intended as a long term treatment for constipation. Should you suffer from long-term daily constipation, consult your doctor on the possible causes and most efficient treatments to get you back into a natural rhythm.  

Will MICROLAX® have any adverse reactions with other medications?

There are no known reactions with other drugs. But MICROLAX® should not be administered at the same time as other oral or rectally-administered treatments for constipation.

Is MICROLAX® habit forming?

No, MICROLAX® acts only where it is needed at the site of blockage in the rectum18, 19. As the contents of the microenema is administered locally, it has no influence on intestinal activity and so removes the risk of becoming habit-forming.

How does MICROLAX® work?

MICROLAX® delivers predictable relief from constipation. The 5 ml microenema works through its fast-acting, simple and hygienic application in the rectum. The active ingredients sodium citrate (acting as an osmotic agent14 that increases intestinal osmotic pressure thereby promoting fluid retention within the bowel15 resulting in a laxative effect), sorbitol (an osmotic laxative that is used in the management of constipation) and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (acting as a stool softener mainly by redistribution of water that is bound to hard stool and exerts a softening effect on the stool and making it ready for passing within 5-15 minutes. And, because MICROLAX® works locally in the rectum, it has no influence on intestinal activity and no risk of causing dependence or becoming habit-forming18, 19.

Can I use MICROLAX® if I have chronic constipation?

MICROLAX® is not intended for use if you’re suffering from chronic constipation18, 19. Talk to your doctor if your symptoms of constipation persist and discuss alternative remedies for relief. 

Does MICROLAX® cause diarrhoea?

Loose stools have been very rarely reported with MICROLAX® use but would not be expected in the majority of patients18, 19.