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Treating Babies and Children with Constipation


Treating babies with constipation

When it comes to easing the constipation of your baby, you want a gentle, predictable and effective solution that gets things back to normal, fast.

All babies are different when it comes to how often they soil their nappies. Some may pass a stool several times a day, others may go only once or twice a day. But if they’ve been less than two times in a week, then they could be suffering from the effects of constipation1.

MICROLAX®: how to use video for infants under 3 years of age

Getting to work right at the heart of constipation locally in the rectum, MICROLAX® can bring quick relief in around 5-15 minutes. It’s a gentle and simple-to-use microenema that you can use for infants and children 18, 19.

Always consult your family GP or paediatrician for advice before use.

Treating children with constipation

From diet and exercise to gentle laxative treatments, it’s good to know you have options when it comes to easing your child’s constipation.

All children are different, and so are their patterns for going to the toilet. While some might pass stools up to three times a day, for others it’s only once every other day. If they’re unable to pass stools more than two times in a week, it may mean they’re suffering from constipation11.

MICROLAX® is an easy-to-use microenema that can help you quickly get your children back into their natural rhythm after a bout of constipation, bringing relief in around 5-15 minutes.18, 19

MICROLAX® is easy to use for children

If your child’s symptoms of constipation continue after treatment, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor for advice.

Using laxatives during pregnancy

Using a laxative for constipation during pregnancy can be a gentle way to quickly get you back into a natural digestive rhythm.

If you want a fast-acting, gentle solution that’s recommended as an effective relief for constipation consult your doctor to see if MICROLAX® could work for you.



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Our Product Range

MICROLAX® Microenema 4 x 5ml

MICROLAX® is a fast acting microenema that's gentle to use, predictable and offers effective constipation relief.

MICROLAX® Microenema 12 x 5ml

MICROLAX® is a fast acting microenema that's gentle to use, predictable and offers effective constipation relief.